Lucky people vs Successful people: Are being Lucky is matters to success?

In weekend, Me and my family planning to go out for culinary adventure, and we decide to eat in a Japanese restaurant. After eating, when we almost back at home, I see in the corner of the street, there a small fried rice restaurant that always crowded with customers.

My dad looks that restaurant and said:

Dad: what the crowd? what are they selling?

Big brother: Oh, that restaurant, they sell fried rice I have been there before.

My intuitive of being culinary adventurer comes rises, So I immediately ask:

Me: is the food that good?

Brother: No, it’s average. He answers it with a straight face.

Dad: Then why it’s crowded?

My brother answered with his best guess, he talks about the place and customer service. and my father nodded slowly and said:

Dad: hmmm.. then how about Mr’s Puji restaurant? Her restaurant has a similarity and the fried rice is really good, right? So why this restaurant can be this crowded?

And that moment my brother lost a word, with a face full of question, he said:

Brother: yeah, why is that?

Then that restaurant has a ton of luck, Said my father with a grin on his face.

My dad and my brother are laughing, but not me:

I think that a ridiculous answer.

luck? can make a success? I have refused this answer with all my heart.

So with confidence, I said: no way, there must be something that we don’t understand.

Then my father gives up (to avoid unnecessary debate) and say:

Dad: well. maybe you’re right.

Then we talk about other conversation.

But that little conversation about luck. Makes me questioning myself…

Is the luck matters to success?

 Opinion people about luck on success.

As we know believing or not on luck is a personal thing, So I try to gather the opinion of other people.

And I found an interesting result:

According to the 54% believe that successful people are just lucky and others 46% didn’t believe that.

 To understand the mind of people that believe in luck and people that don’t, I narrow it to two important points to focus on.

  • How they see luck.

  • Their perspective on successful people on luck.

From reading comment and survey that I found online, I understand a bit better about how their perspective work:

The common perspective of people that believe in luck:

How they see good and bad luck:

They see a good luck as a great mysterious event, a good event that can’t be solved or explained. So they call it luck or fortune, like meeting the love ones or success on the first try in business.

They see a bad luck is an uncontrollable negative event, like where you are born, not talented, negative parents and etc.

Their perspective on successful people:

Luck + Hard work = Success. I have a bit surprised about this answer. They actually believe in hard work. But, they really believe that luck has a huge role in success.

So they think that you need hard work to success but without enough luck, you can’t ever be successful.

The most common reason that they can think luck is matter to success is, they know many hardworking people that not success and people that have rich or famous parent can be successful with less work.

Also, they think the environment we are born has determined our success. If you born in a negative environment, like if you are born in the middle of war or in the country that has no opportunity, they think is almost impossible to be successful.

In conclusion, they think people cannot be successful without a luck.

The common perspective of people that not believe in luck:

Their definition of luck:

Luck is a just good event that happens to us and a bad luck is a bad event that happens to us.

Their perspective on successful people in luck:

They think successful people can succeed because they work hard. They believe whatever the environment and whatever family if you work hard then you will be successful, They believe 100% in hard work. They believe if they work hard enough there will be good event will happen to them. Hardwork=success.

So which this two was true?

Well luck, destiny, and god is very vague and complex stuff. So it matters of personal belief.


For me, both perspectives are right but not completely right. My Perspective kinda mixed. but I think it’s the truth.

My truth about luck.

If you ask me “are you believe in luck? and why?”

I will say “no, I don’t believe it” and this is my why:

My definition of luck:

Luck is simply a positive unexpected event and bad luck is an unexpected negative event.

bad luck and good luck is about unexpected because when you expected something, you have already understood why a negative or positive event happens. So if you have expected the positive event will come, are you consider that a good luck?

My perspective about successful people, lucky people, and unsuccessful people:

I think Successful people can be successful because they know and do what is work. And they have a capability to do what is work.

So because they know, do and have the capability to do what is work, They can make the result over and over again.

A slightly different from successful people. Lucky people is a person who does and has the capability to do what is work. but they do not acknowledge what is work or in other words, they don’t know what makes them succeed.

Because they don’t know a strategy or certain action that make them succeed, they cannot repeat the same result over and over again.

And the last, Unsuccessful people is someone that not do what is work or not capable to do what is work.

Even they know what is work they can’t be successful without doing what is work and have the capability to do what is work.

So how this perspective can help you, more than those two common perspectives?

This perspective can help you to:

1.Make you unable to use luck as excuses.

You can’t make excuse anymore because is break the belief of common people that luck takes a huge role in success.

If you’re born with a negative environment (an environment that not work) you can move to another environment that works and if you have already work hard but not successful, it’s not you unlucky but you just do something that not work or you not have the capability to do that yet.

I know, if you’re born in a rich family, it’s easier become successful because your parent knowing what is work, So they can train you to do what is work and prevent you to do what is not work.

but of course you don’t need a rich parent to become successful, There are alternative like do trial and error to know what is work or a mentor to tell and train you to do what is work.

I know it’s harder but whatever your situation, you can be successful as they who have rich parents.

2.Overcome self-doubt.

When you have a massive failure you will not have self-doubt because you understand that you do not fail because you’re unlucky or not talented but you fail because you just do what is not work or not have a capability to do it.

So you understand is it’s just a process to find what is work and find out that you have already the capability or not.

3.You can determine where are you in and solve the problem.

When you fail you can ask questions. “are this fails because of I do what not work or I not have the capability to do it?”

if the answer is you do what not work, find what is not work then ask yourself the opposite of what is not work. So if you fail because the wrong time, then ask yourself what the right time? Search it and discover the solutions.

If the problem is not having the capability, ask yourself what the skill that I need to make the (what is work)?

This 2 kind of questions makes you more clear in what the problem is, Then you can focus to find the right solutions.

So is the luck matters to success?

For me it’s absolutely not, I think whatever your situation and condition, if you do, know and have the capability to do what is work, you can be successful.  And no humans cannot be successful in life because only humans that have the ability to improve and choose.

So whatever your perspective, choose what benefit you most, it is about mindset. despite is actually true or not. If it makes you closer to your dream, use it.

Question of the day

Are you believe in luck? What your truth about luck?

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