The Truth You Need to Know for Creating a God-tier Craft.

On my early time, as a content creator I have created tons of bad contents, So I think, if I am better over time I will not ever again produce a bad content.  So over a year, I try to learn and practice more harder.

And after a year, I feel that my skill was improved but still… I produce a lot of bad content, a content that I am not satisfied with.

That time I feel like I was destined to only create a bad content, everything I create will be ugly and uninteractive. That makes me believe that I am not good enough and not talented become a content creator.

But in one day, I realize the truth. The truth that makes me believe that I can make a god-tier content as well. The truth that gives me hopes to create again.

And the truth is:

A god-tier craft it’s involved massive failure (bad content)

You may have those face reactions and you can’t wait to throw me with a Stone of Dishonored… Again.

But that the truth.


maybe you are now wondering what makes me believe that truth?

I realize that truth because I read the process of making of my favorite 3d animations company “PIXAR” and my favorite game  “The Last of Us”.

The lesson from Pixar:

When I know their process of writing, I speechless. To create “Toy Story”, it takes about 3 years to write and hone and even they make 20-25 different passes in story reels just for the Yeti’s Cave scene in “Monsters, Inc”.

3 word that I can say:

 “Oh My God”.

After astonished about the process, I astonished again, by awesome advice from the writer of toy story.

He said this:

“The right story can take a long time to come together and find its voice. While technology helps the process to get done quicker, the focus is on figuring out what works best”.

Knowing how Pixar work makes me realize that a god-tier craft is not born in one making. It’s was born from a massive edit and remaking until the craft can achieve their full potential.


The lesson from last of us:

Not really different from Pixar, the writing of last of us take a long time to develop. The writer, Neil Druckman have created the core story of last of us in 2004.

A few years later, the story ideas of last of us have honed but get rejected because the ideas are misogynistic. Around 2010, the ideas have done but failed again because of the bad pacing and character development. But that not enough to make Neil give up. even this failure is a positive thing for him.

For Neil Druckman failure is positive things, he says:

“The idea is to fail as much as you can early of because all of these failures lead you to better answers.

And finally after so much failure the game has finished and been the game of the years in 2013 from over than 200 game reviewer.

Yes, The”last of us”  a game that winning over 200 games of the year award, has been praised by million people for the great story and character development. And one of the games that can make me play 8 hours a day and finish it in just two days.. 3 Times!

This masterpiece has been rejected and claimed to be a bad idea in the process of development.

So, don’t be afraid if your craft is crappy And don’t ever make an assumption that you never be good at creating. Because massive failure is the process to create something good.

“make your mistakes early and fast, so you can get them out of the way. Refine your efforts until you get to the good stuff. “Genius” looks effortless only because there are 100,000 bad drawings (so-called failures) already behind you” -Chuck Jones


A god tier craft is involved massive failure and edit. This truth is seemed stupid, but many creators didn’t realize it or didn’t believe it.

In past, I didn’t understand this truth. I suffer about the process of creating, I expect my craft will be great at the beginning.

So my advice is don’t ever expect anything in your first creating and when you have so much failure that you can’t handle, Remind yourself that every failed craft will help you to found a better answer.

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