I remember that day when sun greets me warmly at 7 am. I sit and stare my paper, and tell myself “this day I will make the best art ”.

I think and imagine what I will gonna create, but that not work. So I decide to do like many people do “look for inspirations”.

I search all inspirations that I can find, I have search video, blog, and images and Hoping that the ideas will come out in nowhere.

But three hours was passed. And at 10.00 am, I still staring a white and very clean piece of paper.

and said….


Yes and yes, like your guess, I have a freaking art block, That Damn Walls!!!

I really stress and want to distress myself with singing the Untitled (how could this happen to me”) by simple plan.

But seriously, why this happens to us? Are there any solutions of this? Are all creators have to meet this “Freaking Walls” to make a good art? Is there a secret to not have an art block?

All this question give me the motivation to seek the answer. After tons of tons of searching and experiment, I finally found why we have an art block and how we can break that damn walls.

Break the walls.

When we have art block we feel empty like the brain is not working as we wanted. The ideas are not coming out and we just can’t make a good art.

But why this happens to us? Or more importantly how we can overcome this problem?

From tons of experiment, I finally found the solutions.

And the solutions are:

“Create a crappy art”.

You may have those face reactions and I bet that you can’t wait to throw me with a stone of dishonored.

But before you do that, let’s me give you a reason why this is a brilliant tactic:

There a two main reason why we stuck or have an art block:

There are Anxiety and Lack of Clarity.

Fear of rejection, fear that your craft is not good enough and the lack of clarity in what you gonna to make is the reasons why you can’t make the ideas flowing and start to procrastination.

 So how this strategy work?

This strategy work because it’s reduced your anxiety and make you more clear on what you going to create.

Have you ever feel when in middle of a process of creating, your ideas start to come out and you become clear in what you gonna to do in every step of creating? Or you feel that the creating become much easier?

If you do, in that moment you’re in creative mode.

From my experiment and experience, the best way to be in creative mode is to start creating.

Our brain becomes more effective if we are in front of the problem. When you start to create you will know what a specific problem you have. So in the process of creating you will feel that the ideas start to connect, make a flow of ideas and insight on what you gonna create.

So If the solution is “create”, why we need to create a “crappy” art?

Because when you create a crappy art, you have no pressure of making good art. The number one reason why we have low of motivation and start procrastination is we have anxiety, A fear that you are not good enough.

So It’s much easier to create when you do not worry about the results. And when it’s come to make a good art it’s time to edit it to become pretty.

So start to make a crappy craft, if you are a writer just make 2-3 crappy pages per-days. If you Illustrator makes 2-3 crappy sketches. Just do easily as possible.

And If you don’t use the crappy craft, It’s fine. The crappy art is just a stepping stones or a triggers to make you in creative mode.

Avoid a clean paper and when you get turned on, you start to get some best ideas and insight.

Other fabulous tactics that work.

Keep an interesting stuff or information you may need before you create.

Another reason why people have art block is that they have not enough information. So just search and keep content that can trigger insight or information we may need before we needed. I usually take 3 hours of the wild search every week.

Inspirations can be found in anywhere, from blogs, google image, friend, family, strangers and etc. if you found interesting stuff, keep it and when you stuck or run out of ideas, it’s the time to open your collections.

Schedule daydreaming.

What is organize daydreaming? It’s like daydreaming but I scheduled.

Find quiet time for daydreaming. Prepare one blank of paper and a pen, then start daydreaming. Think about your research and write all the ideas that come out.

Most common mistake people have when feeling inspired or after research. They did not find a quiet time to relax and think about it. When you in quiet time you can focus on your mind more, you can get ideas easier.

You need to relax the brain and start to think about it, to create an “AHA moment” and It’s not must be in your room, you can walk to the beach, hiking. just don’t forget to bring your small note, and when ideas spark, write it.

I usually make 1-2 hours of organizing daydreaming on Sundays or vacations.

From my search and experiment, I realized that art block is just a myth, it’s just form of anxiety and lack of clarity. So start to create crappy art and you will never have art block again.

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