Hi, I am Dicky D.Wijaya

I am a learning freak and experiment that passionate about imaginations creations (include as a writing, drawing, animate and another activity that includes creativity). My approach is to experiment a strategy or ideas to knowing what is really work and what is not work.

About Blog

This blog is my life journal, I share my learning process and ideas to Become great Artist on . My core work is to knowing what really work and what is not work in a creative area.

This blog has focused on the creative people, like an artist, animator, musician, and another people that need creativity for his career.

Want to know more about what I am working on? Connect with me in:

Youtube: Best place to experience long form videos Like complication of short videos or animated version of blogs.

Instagram: Best place to know all my documented learning process to become great as visual artist such as 1000 drawing challenge That I do in january 2018.

TiKTOK:@Dicky.D.Wijaya. Best place to experience short videos on entertain kind of way.

Linkin:@Dicky.D.Wijaya. Best place to experience pic tutorials and updated links.

Deviantart: Best site to see my best artwork.

Facebook: All my content is in here.

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