About Dicky D.Wijaya

Hi my names is Dicky.D.Wijaya and, I love create characters or story that really put a strong visual storytelling message to viewers, since a kids I have deep love on anime,games and comic, those things is the foundation that make me obsess about visual storytelling and character designs.

During my college years I have challenge myself to draw 1000 illustrations and I clear it on 2 years 6 month with drawing atleast 1 everydays about 4-7 hours per days. After the challenge I have improve greatly on drawing technique and designs. I do have learn many drawing courses from the master like Marc Brunet, Watt Atelier, Philipp Kruse and etc.

From drawing Cartoon , Anime, Semi realism, hyper realism, inking, and even painting, I am constantly working hard at developing skills in the styles technique to produce a bigger scope of design, So I can choose what combination styles that work best for the concept of the character or main emotions to bring on.

From drawing over 1000+ piece and take so many courses on illustration and character designs. I feel that my skill good enough to produce a great character design and illustration for your project or a commisions

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