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Break The Wall: The Uncommon Guide to Never Have an Art Block

I remember that day when sun greets me warmly at 7 am. I sit and stare my paper, and tell myself “this day I will make the best art ”. I think and imagine what I will gonna create, but that not work. So I decide to do like many people do "look for inspirations". I search all inspirations that I can find, I have search video, blog, and images and Hoping that the ideas will come out in nowhere. But three hours was passed. And at 10.00 am, I still staring a white and very clean piece of [...]

Lucky people vs Successful people: Are being Lucky is matters to success?

In weekend, Me and my family planning to go out for culinary adventure, and we decide to eat in a Japanese restaurant. After eating, when we almost back at home, I see in the corner of the street, there a small fried rice restaurant that always crowded with customers. My dad looks that restaurant and said: Dad: what the crowd? what are they selling? Big brother: Oh, that restaurant, they sell fried rice I have been there before. My intuitive of being culinary adventurer comes rises, So I immediately ask: Me: is the food that good? Brother: No, it's [...]

The Truth You Need to Know for Creating a God-tier Craft.

On my early time, as a content creator I have created tons of bad contents, So I think, if I am better over time I will not ever again produce a bad content.  So over a year, I try to learn and practice more harder. And after a year, I feel that my skill was improved but still... I produce a lot of bad content, a content that I am not satisfied with. That time I feel like I was destined to only create a bad content, everything I create will be ugly and uninteractive. That makes me believe [...]

Misunderstanding Caused by Difference That Every Couple Had

did you feel cannot understand what your partner think? When we really sure we doing right but our partner mad and when that happens we usually feel not loved or we feel that we are the source of their problem. So what if I tell you, that we just misunderstand our partner. In a relationship, the difference in how we think and we feel can make misunderstanding and some of them can make us hate each other. Also, those differences are unavoidable. Almost 90% argument and fight caused by misunderstanding. So in order to not got misunderstanding our partner, we [...]

Want to Quit Smoking? Uncommon Morning Routine Tips for Smoker

This video below will give you tips of morning routines for smoker and this video has been effective to help smoker stop smoking, So check this out (it's just 30 second) I know what are you thinking now, maybe you say "WHAT A USEFULL TIPS!!! and thank you for waste my time". But seriouslly it's can be "You" Smoking is one of kiling machine in our society.  or even worse, if you not stop smoking you can be like this: Serious part: I know Quitting smoking is hard. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that can [...]

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